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                    Quality Commitment

                    1. Quality records and inspection data for the manufacturing process and inspection of products are available.
                    2. We are sincerely welcome that you can visit us and inspect the whole process of production as well as the product performance before packing and delivery.

                    Price Commitment

                    1. We all adopt high quality materials to ensure the reliability of products.
                    2. On the some competitive conditions, we will offer you favorable price without sacrificing the technical performance of the products.

                    Delivery Commitment

                    1. Date of delivery:We will deliver as per user requirements, and we can organize production for the specific needs of users such as advanced completion or any other special needs.

                    After-sale Service Commitment

                    1. Service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, considerate and thorough.
                    2. Service object: win satisfaction from users by service quality.
                    3. Service principle: We will communicate in time and duly handle if there is quality deviation or customer complaint based on the customer-first principle.

                    We will save your worries with our high product quality and efficiency.
                    Tel: 86-757-85234661 85234662
                    Fax: 86-757-85234660
                    E-mail: [email protected]
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